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What is SATAS / SANAS?

The South African Technical Auditing Services (SATAS) is a governing body, accredited by South African National Accredited Systems (SANAS). They specialize in product certification and inspections to certify manufacturers in accordance with the relevant ISO and SANS standards. Their sole mission is to provide an internationally accepted South African Certification Scheme to allow their clients to compete in both the domestic and international market.

SATAS follows the same procedure as the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) in that an independent audit of the organizations quality system is conducted and the product is tested against the applicable standard in a certified independent lab. The general concern is that SABS and SANS are one in the same and that without SABS, certification cannot be obtained. It’s important to note that SANS standards is not the property of SABS and SANS standards may be awarded to a product by an accredit body that complies with the SANAS requirements in terms of SANS 17065.

If the product complies with the relevant SANS standard, certification is then granted.

SATAS is highly respected and is earning a reputation with municipalities and private entities as setting a high level of quality standards. Establishments are making the move to SATAS, as the products being certified are still being manufactured and tested to the same SANS standard, only by a different regulatory body.

The need for SATAS grew strong after several expired SANS certificates weren’t being renewed as result of a delay at the SABS. This squeezes reputable manufacturers into a difficult position as quality and operations remained unchanged, when the certification process through the SABS came to a halt. SATAS is proving to be a reliable alternative to SABS and user experience feedback is positive. SATAS have a track record that spans 20 years in the certification space and have developed a reputation of upholding stringent quality standards.

Eurocelt Plastics (PTY)LTD have been audited by SATAS and have recently been awarded certification for the following standards.

SANS 721

SANS 8773

SANS 1601

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